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Enter payment instructions & personal message? ''send invoice' after bid had ended. Confused on what to do?

As I was putting the product on eBay as 'sell an item', when it came to placing a bid price it wouldn’t let me have immediate payment, so I tick one of the boxes underneath 'Credit Cards' I then placed the item on eBay for bidders, after I had won the bid I received 'Send Invoice' and 'Enter payment instructions & personal message?' Is it possible to let the buyer go through with PayPal? I’m just confused  

Accepted Solution
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you can just send invoice or/and send a message in the box as thanks and when you are posting after cleared payment.some sellers dont send an invoice as e bay sends one as soon as they win..some buyers stall it out until you send one..they will probably pay with paypal as you cant refuse it..only post to the address in paypal when the details say safe to post.

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in reply to bernielomax1

They still have the option to pay with paypal, no matter what other options you offer.

In future, do not click credit cards as you need to have a merchant account and a  terminal to accept these;  people can still use cards to pay through paypal.

If you send the invoice then there is no need to add any further instructions

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in reply to bernielomax1

You can only offer credit card payments if you have a merchant account. This is unlikely unless you are a business, although your listings certainly make you look like one. I suggest you change your status to business and inform the tax man.


If your buyer has clicked on credit card then you are a bit stuck, especially if the item is showing as paid. Trying marking the item as unpaid and then see if they can pay with paypal. If not then use the request money tab in paypal to send a new invoice - you will need their paypal email address for this. Include the item number and your seller id.


They may of course not want to pay with paypal so you could end up having to cancel the transaction.


You can only request immediate payment for items bought on a buy it now basis. This can be either a fixed price listing or a buy it now alongside an auction.


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