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the buyer doesn't want the item anymore

After winning a bidding war and after paying for the item, the buyer decided that they want to cancel the item. I don't know what to do now?

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Re: the buyer doesn't want the item anymore

in reply to j_ewa95

Hi - is it a post item or collection and have you posted it yet?


If you still have the item the easiest and cheapest thing to do is accept that buyer doesn't want it, ask them to agree to a cancellation and refund them - saves any loss on postage etc.


Can I just mention that you may get far more bidders with much better titles and description - things like "cupboard" and "table" will just get lost in any search.

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Re: the buyer doesn't want the item anymore

in reply to harduppensioner

I agree.  I have just looked at what appears to be a very nice table and chair set but the photo's don't do it justice and the title/description are, quite frankly, very poor.


How about some measurements of the table at the very least?


Take a look at similar items OP and see how they were described on the ones who went for the best price.  Don't copy their description but you can still base yours on theirs.


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