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Change of address after dispatch ?

Hello everyone...


May seem an odd question ..but, can I tell if a buyer has changed their address after I send the goods out ????


I sent a parcel to the address on the buyers "Print Postage" page on 12th December., but I  have now been contacted on 27th December- saying parcel not received. ?. ( 15 days later )


I keep records of each item I sell , the address I sent to , and keep the proof of posting..

In this instance, I wrote down in my order book  No. 18   XXX Road.......


I emailed this person today and confirmed that I sent it to  18  XXX Road, and could he check that it hadnt been taken in my someone else in the house , and forgotten about ??


He made no comment about the address, just said that nobody knew anything about the parcel..


So, I sent out a replacement item - to the same address ( No. 18 ) ......


Only this evening, I went back through my records on my Ebay history - and now see that the address is now showing No.  8  ...  NOT  18  ??


It may well be my mistake, but have had this before - when a parcel was sent back to me as 'not known at this address'...only to go back into the buyers details to see a completely different address.....in that instance , he confirmed that he had moved but forgot to change his address when he purchased from me.

Wondered what your thoughts are ?


As I say - it could well be my own mistake - but is it possible that when I pointed out in todays email that the address I sent to is 18...he realised he'd mis-typed his address , and then changed it to No.  8  ??


Many thanks.



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Re: Change of address after dispatch ?

in reply to florries-attic

Could you contact a couple of the other sellers they have bought from by looking at their feedback?

They might be able to confirm the address they posted to.

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Re: Change of address after dispatch ?

in reply to mlhawkins

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion - yes , good idea...will give it a go tomoroow.

Thanks.  :smileysurprised:)

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Re: Change of address after dispatch ?

in reply to florries-attic



Also a good idea to recheck that address you sent parcel to buyer is the address that is in their Paypal account as it is the address to use when sending items


Happy New Year 2014



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Re: Change of address after dispatch ?

in reply to florries-attic

Always check the sales details page address against the the buyer's Paypal address on the email you receive when payment is received.  Your buyer may have a relative or friend in #18 & may now have a freebie and a replacement?


You only get seller protection using the Paypal address. And don't post if there is a discrepancy or anything that looks suspicious. Although it does take a bit more time it saves a lot of wasted time and stress later on.


I recently had a case where the sales details page Matched the Paypal address but BOTH were incorrect.  I checked using the Royal Mail postcode checker (looked suspicious) - no such postcode (similar one) and the street address was incorrect (spelt wrong) as well.


Reported buyer to both Paypal & eBay as having an unrecognised address.  If I had posted it buyer could have claimed they didn't receive it.  Buyer's feedback left for other sellers was all spelt correctly but not their own address!


As it was, I refunded and offered to post it once the address had been corrected.  Buyer agreed to cancel the transaction a few minutes before I was due to close it myself thereby indicating they knew how eBay worked (and possibly wanted to keep a low profile).  It was a lucky escape.  I went on to sell the item a few weeks later.  Buyer was also added to my blocked list.





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Re: Change of address after dispatch ?

in reply to florries-attic
I always print the conformation emails from both eBay and PayPal, and also. check that the shipping address match on both, if not I send a message to the buying asking for conformation as to which address they want it posted to as they don't match. I also do not delate the email sfor 3 months after the sale,just in case of any problems