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if someone sends a courier to collect an item of furniture they purchased.there was no description of condition .can they demand refund,

if someone sends a courier to collect an item of furniture and therewas no description of condition but lots of photos can they claim a refund because they are not happy.thankyou.

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in reply to connie2803



If they paid via Paypal, then yes they can.

You should never let the buyer arrange their own courier, as if item is damaged in transit, you are still responsible.


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It's the seller's responsibility to give a clear description of the item, itemise any faults, however minor, include size etc.


Collection in Person means just that and a seller is very unwise to allow a buyer to arrange their own courier if paid for through PayPal. 


Although you can't refuse PayPal if that's how buyer wants to pay, sellers are allowed to put 'cash on collection preferred' within the description.  There is no Seller Protection for items collected.  You can point out to the buyer that it will enable them to inspect the item before paying.  There's a small risk of being reported for non performance if you refuse, but worth taking for high value items.


There is only limited buyer protection as it's deemed buyer has checked the item.  However, an unscrupulous buyer could do a 'chargeback' through card company.  You then can't provide proof of postage/tracking, so buyer will be refunded in full.

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in reply to connie2803

Did you let them pay with paypal??


Bad move if you did, collect items should always be cash on personal collection.


There is limited protection on collect items, but if they on a case, they will have to pay their courier to return to you in the same condition, before you refunded, and of course you would not have to refund their collection/delivery costs.





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in reply to connie2803

I see you have sold the leather sofas and footstool and now relisted it?


You are going to be charged £14.50 on the first sale unless you get the buyer to agree to cancel the transaction or you complete an unpaid item dispute.


Please revise your listing. You CANNOT refuse paypal. You can ask for cash, but you must accept paypal. It's a condition of selling on ebay.


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in reply to connie2803

if they paid by paypal yes,you should not have let the buyer arrange a courier.

BUT if the buyer wants a refund they must send the item back to you via tracked delivery at their OWN cost if they dont they would lose any case they opened against you. they cant just turn up with the item they must provide a tracking number to ebay. refuse to refund any money until the item is safely back in your hands as the buyer might just be trying it on, also refuse any request for a partial refund.

if the buyer paid cash then they dont have a leg to stand on and ebay will do nothing.

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in reply to connie2803

If it's the upholstered furniture you sold today you did describe the condition as immaculate, but if the buyer pays by cash or bank transfer as you have asked the sale will not be eligible for eBay buyer protection.


Any buyer who paid £1,450 for furniture unseen would be barking!


As I imagine you realise, the danger for expensive items like this for collection is that eBay insists that PayPal must still be offered, but then lets the buyer defraud the seller by simply claiming not to have authorised the payment. Without postal evidence of delivery eBay and PayPal will simply make the seller refund the buyer, who gets the item for nothing! It's so easy and has happened so often that it's even been exposed in the national press. But eBay still does nothing, eBay owns PayPal and appears to be more interested in getting a second fee than in protecting the seller.