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2 unauthorized payments
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Someone made 2 unauthorized payment from my account(almost 150 eur). The payments were made by credit card. As Ebay asked me, I called them to verify myself. After it they just want me to push over to their collagues and paypal. Now they want me again to call them on this number: 0800 358 6552 becuse it is not possible to contact the security center via mail. 


Is it normal that they can not communicate with their collagues and their Paypal partner(when the transaction is by credit card)?

Is it usual that they do not help for their client?  And they are still saying I am ther valued client and my security and satisfation is priority.... Unfortunately I can not feel it, becuse now one week spent without any help.


Before I bought some smaller items from ebay, but until I do not get refund I would not do it again and I can not recommend the site for my friends


Thank you if you share  your experiences with me and if you can help me with my issue, since now I am really worried .


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