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someone bid on my item and hasnt paid how do i relist and claim back fees

some  one  bid on my item and cant collect it or buy it. Can i relist and will i have been eligible for fees and if so how do i reclaim them? thanks

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Before offering the item to anyone else, you need to go through the unpaid item dispute process (you will be charged ebay final value fees on this transaction, whether you receive payment, or not)

Read all about it and open one here:

The non-payer will get a strike against their account, and sellers can set their Buyer Requirements to block bidders with 2 or more strikes.

Add any non-payer to your Blocked Bidders List. You don't want them coming back:

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you need to complete this before relisting or you can end up being reported for nonperformance or negged if you sell on and the buyer pays late and you cannot supply the items. You have 32 days to file and must close by the end of day 36 from end of listing
once complete you cannot be negged and any neg left in the mean time can be removed
create a dispute after 2 days minimum time complete after another 4 days you get your final value fees he gets a strike

do not choose mutual as if they don’t agree you lose your fees and they get off the hook
add to your blocked bidder list
and block bidders with 2 disputes against them 12 months from your prefs

buyers cannot be left negative feedback or negative comments on positive so leave no feedback or buyer can get it removed and you would be penalised on your seller dashboard