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restricted account

received the message today that my account had been restricted because of poor below standard performance.  my total score is 98,5. Have one negative feedback and 1 neutral.... please help. ebay is my life line ...

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Not so much to do with your negative, but your very poor ratings for despatch time and p&p costs. Many with much better have been suspended permanently, so if you are only restricted, then you are very lucky. 98.5 is not good, and all your star ratings need to be 4.7 or over.

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98.5 is a BAD score, not a good one.


Some of your dsr s are also down.


If they email says it's an indefinite suspension that's it, you won't ever be allowed to sell again.


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Your account has been suspended because some of your buyers have marked you down for p+p costs and despatch time.


Check your seller dashboard for low ratings (1s and 2s), this is why ebay are restricting you.


My Ebay>Account>Seller Dashboard

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You usually get a notification to say you need to improve before they actually restrict you.


Your shipping costs and shipping and handling stars are very low and will be why you have been restricted.

What does it say.

If it says permanently restricted then that is usually the end of your selling.

If not then you need to improve drastically or you will be banned.



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Have you run your seller dashboard. This will show where the problems lie. Go to my ebay > account > seller dashboard.


It is not the feedback which kills an account it is the star ratings. Your average score for dispatch and p&p are both below standard which is 4.7. Have a look on your dashboard for any 1* or 2* ratings. If you receive 3 in any category then that is the end of your account - permanently.


To get your p&p star back up you will have to sell with free p&p and include the cost in the item price. That guarantees you 5*, but it will take a lot of sales to get your average up.


I suggest dispatching same or next day. People expect it as that's what all the big sellers offer.


If you get negative or neutral feedback you should immediately contact the buyers and see if there is anything you can do to sort out the problem. Then the buyer may agree to revise their feedback and stars.


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Your are charging high postage (probabally not much more than you pay but buyers won't see it like that) you are sending recorded delivery which puts your cost up on low value items.  Send 2nd Class get proof of postage (POP) (free).  If buyer says not arrived you can claim up to £20 with POP then start offering free postage and add postage charge to your start price.  (You will probabally get higher bids so don't worry about selling for less too much).  You have been marked down for dispatch time too.  Your listings say 3 days.  Can you bring this down to 1 day.  Get your listings to finish on a Saturday or whatever makes it easier for you.  Mark your items as dispatched when you post them.