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how do I put a message of my account to say i'm away

I want to inform my buyers that i'm not going to be using my ebay account for two weeks. How to I put a message on the top of the page please?

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You can't unless you have an ebay shop.


You can put an out of office message on your ebay message.


To turn on your out of office reply:

Click the Messages tab in My eBay

Click the Change settings link on the top right side of the page

In the Out of office email response section, select Turn my out of office response ON

Select a Start date and End date

Enter a message to send to your customers while you're away

Click the Apply button



It is ebay suicide to have live listings whilst you are away.


If any sales complete whilst you are on holiday then buyers will have delayed postage. You will return to disputes and trashed feedback and star ratings.


The business sellers which I know always end all listings at least 2 weeks before they go on holiday. That allows time to sort out problems before they go away.




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