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When selling and you list your item as no returns, surely that what it means

Surely no returns means no return , unless the item is faullty, but when I was asked if the item could be returned as the item didn’t fit it was too small, I declined and stated to the buyer that my listing was saying no returns

the person left awful feedback saying I was nasty , that she returned and I didn’t refund, ( which was not true as I didn’t give out my address) and that I was a rip off

i have had 100% positive since 2006, and am reallly upset by this, am I right ? and now I have a negative


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Yes you are right but unfortunately this is the risk you take when you refuse returns.  It makes you look unaproachable and unreasonable.  Often, the buyer will then open a case stating the item is not as described and the seller then has to pay the return postage too. Some of them will even damage the item in spite before they return it.  If you allow returns, at least they return it at their own expense and in one piece.


You could ask customer services about the feedback but they are unlikely to do anything.  Worth a try though.


Your description of the item isn't very clear. The item specifics say it's a size 16 but then you say it's a smaller size. 

I think the buyer could be forgiven for not being sure what size it is, and wanting to return it.


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I have had a bad time when buyer states item not as advertised but all it was she said the rug smelt!! I pressed wrong button and siad id refund!! and had to pay postage back!!  Ive had to swollow pride cos ebay was useless and actually stated that they didnt have complaints number!! but have found out that there is and you are charged 7p per minute and they are in philipines and dont understand you!! so what is the point!! i am so angry!! i have the item back now but that is not the point, I had no returns accepted and did it by error, never again and ebay support are rubbish they said there was seller rights and would help me but when it came to it - they said they would be losing money!!! going to be very careful from now on!!!