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Watchers and others,,,,,

Hi fellow Sellers Woman Happy, Why do we have to put up with people just sat watching an item your selling, why can't they just jump in and put a bid in to secure their bid? Also half of them forget they have saved their watched item. And then you get the other's that just want to see how much it ran off at, and the one's that just do it for fun just to get your back up, those are normally the indecisive ones that just can't make their minds up... uh!!. I have had the 4 same people watching an item of mine go round and round but don't bid, it's a bloody joke grrr...


Another gripe i have is why do people nowadays want everything for nothing pratically? You get people that go out of town to these retail outlets and spend a fortune, i love it... But then they come on ebay and expect the seller to have items for sale at next to nothing?


I just don't get it anymore? Woman Mad

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as you cannot 'see' who is watching your item you have no proof it was the same 4 people watching the item,


why on earth does someone watching your item 'get your back up'?




people watch items for a multitude of reasons, buying the item is only one of these reasons,



if you have an item that always has watchers but never sells, it is probably priced too high.