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Refund of seller fees

Can anyone from eBay help with this?


I found a phone number and called eBay to discuss an issue relating to a refund of fees for a sale that did not go through. I was given an email address to write to. I wrote to explain my query. I recieved an automatic response from an unmonitored email address directing me back to the help centre, where I found the phone number that I originally called.


If anyone from eBay is reading this, can you help please?

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in reply to woody-mep

These are member to member boards. Ebay does not monitor them.


To get a refund of your seller fees you have to either complete an unpaid item dispute against the buyer or submit a cancellation request. If the buyer ignores the cancellation it will close in your favour after 10 days. If they refuse the cancellation you have to go down the unpaid item dispute route.


You have 30 days from the sale in which to submit a cancellation request. You have 32 days in which to open an unpaid item dispute. Listing fees are always non-refundable. You can only ever be credited with the final valuation fees.

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