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My customer claims the shoes I sold her got badly damaged after wearing once.

Hello All


I recently sold a pair of  'used' shoes that I considered to be in 'very good condition'; there were just a few scuff marks at the front and back which I mentioned and illustrated in photographs.  The soles were completely intact.

A week after they had been received, the buyer sent me a photo of badly cracked soles of the shoes I apparently sold her and said this happened after wearing only once.

However, she did admit that she had a pair of the same shoes which she had previously worn to bits, which is why she purchased my shoes; as a replacement.

Although there is a slight chance that she is telling the truth (after all, the shoes were not new), I find it hard to believe.


Should I assume my customer is telling the truth and process a refund?  She hasn't asked for one yet but I am expecting her to.



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