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International bidder won U.K. only auction




I specified in a recent listing that I would only post to U.K. addresses (and then had a barrage of messages asking about international postage costs) and the listing has just finished. 

However, the winning bidder is from Mexico!

I've had items shipped abroad go "missing" in the past so swore I'd never do it again.


No idea how to proceed... please help

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The simplest thing is the sell to them.  Send an invoice for correct postage.


If you really don't want to do that ask the buyer if they will agree to cancel the transaction.  You can do that right away, here's the link:

If they won't agree but don't pay you can start an Unpaid Item case after 2 complete days and close it after another 4 to end the transaction.   However, that's a bit tricky as it begins with reminder to pay.

If the buyer is hostile report them as an unwelcome bidder - on here:

(the link is under "Some Examples")

That should help if they leave neg feedback and you apply to ebay for removal.


In future if you still don't want to sell overseas you can use this link to block "Buyers in locations to which I don't post":

tick "Apply above settings to active and future listings" at the bottom and then submit.



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My setting are set to Buyers in locations to which I don't post yet a buyer still buys from outside the UK does this setting no longer work