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How long do you have to wait before you can relist an item when the buyer hasnt paid?

An item sold for much less then i wanted it to...the buyer has been sent an invoice but hasnt paid for it. I havent contacted them as im hoping they dont pay if im rather keep it then have to let it go for that price! How long before i can officially retract the sale so they cant leave me negative feedback?

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not sure how it went for less than you wanted when you should always start a auction with what you would be happy to get. 4 days after end of auction open a non payment dispute and then close after a further 4 days you will get your fvf back they will get a strike and cannot leave feedback.

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4 days after non payment you can open an UID case.


Buyer will then be given 4 days in which to pay.


If they still do not pay you can close the case when these 4 days are up.

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You have 2 options,


You either report them for non payment, Or you offer them a cancellation,


The latter is not advisable...