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How long do I have before I can relist an item a buyer hasn't paid for or isn't responding to messages?





 How long before I can relist an item

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When you come to post the shoes, then you MUST send by Special Delivery Next Day or a courier with on-line tracking and adequate compensation in the event of loss/damage.


Recorded Delivery only covers for up to £46 in the event of loss/damage!


You won't be able to ask the buyer to pay more, so will have to bear the extra cost your self.


If you have to relist, then you can change the method of postage before submitting. If it's a category where postage is 'capped' you'll need to build the balance into your start price.



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Ebay says that if you have not received payment then you can open a non payment case after 4 days or up to 32 days.


Open a non paying bidder case after 4 days and close the case after 4 days of opening it. You get your fees back and the buyer gets a strike and cannot leave feedback.


At the side of the item click More actions then click Resolve a problem to open the dispute.


 You should always sort out one sale before trying relisting or a second chance offer as you could potentially end up with two buyers and one item.


 If they both paid you could end up with a non performing seller strike

Never do a mutual cancellation for a non payer as they could decline it and you would still have the fees to pay and they could leave feedback.


 Non payers are time wasters.


Do not be tempted to leave positive feedback with a negative comment. This can be reported and removed and you will get a black mark on your account


Most people have their preferences set to block bidders with two strikes.



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4 days after end of auction open a non payment dispute then close after a further 4 days you will get your fvf back buyer will get a strike on there account then you can relist. Do not send a cancel request as they can decline leaving you to pay your fvf plus leave feedback the type you do not want.