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How do I send a 'cancel transaction' request?

A buyer has decided she doesn't want the item she bid for and ahs asked for a 'cancel transaction request'. How do I do this?

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As a private seller, you're not obliged to offer a cancellation.


I'd go the unpaid item dispute route, it guarantees you a fee credit, plus the non-payer cannot leave feedback for the transaction.


Add their ebay ID to your Blocked Bidders List.

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don't cancel this is a timewaster and they need to be taught its not acceptable


 why let a timewaster off the hooker to mess others about no wonder there are so many nonpayers with some sellers so eagoer oblige them



create a dispute after 4 days minimum time complete after another 4 days you get your final value fees he gets a strike


do not choose mutual as if they don’t agree you lose your fees and they get off the hook

add to your blocked bidder list


and block bidders with 2 disputes against them 12 months from your prefs

buyers cannot be left negative feedback or negative comments on positive so leave no feedback or buyer can get it removed and you would be penalised on your seller dashboard