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Buyer Commiting fraud?



Hi recently sold a set of bunkbeds

Brand new, buyer paid via PayPal & collected from me

Few days later buyer said items we're missing & demanded over half refund- I told her no to return item & I will refund in full.

Buyer then opened a case through eBay Of course eBay said item should be returned by recorded post & obtain proof of postage.


The buyer sents a msg saying here's tracking number sent today by royal mail, I never knew royal mail cover 2 boxes at 8ft long and weighing god knows what.


Todays the day I signed for a letter- from the buyer (surely this is my bunk beds?) no of course not

Surely this is fraud & this is what scammers do to obtain there money & keep the item aswell

Its not on can she be done for this thanks for any info


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Assuming that the buyer does actually try to use this tracking number to claim a refund without returning the beds there are two things I would do.


The first is to phone eBay (click on the "customer support" tab above) or PayPal, whichever is relevant, and explain what's happened.


The second would be to write to the buyer by recorded delivery post to point out that the tracking number they have provided relates only to the letter they sent you. If they use this to falsely purport to have returned the beds in order to claim a refund you will have to treat this as attempted fraud and refer it to the police. You can send a copy by email, but it's important to send an original, hard copy by post.


Sadly it's entirely possible that eBay or PayPal will simply rubber-stamp the dispute and find in the buyer's favour. The ease with which sellers can be defrauded when items are collected has even been exposed in the national press, but still they do nothing.


Where a dispute is opened through PayPal you can at least refer complaints to the financial ombudsman, but eBay is accountable to no-one but itself.

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The postage cost of the letter you signed for would clearly show that it could not have possibly been a set of bunkbeds..

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 your big mistake ws accepting paypal on collection


 should be cash though you cannot refuse paypal
 you  can say cash on collction preferred and  make plain when you email when the lsting ends


 many have been scammed this way but ebay refuses to close the loophole because it makes them money


there is limited protection on items collected and  although its on case by case basis you should  have appealed the decsion to return on the grounds   they should have checked everything over


   go back and see if there is an appeal link on the dispute use it if its there though seems they deem some appeals unwinnable  and remove the link now


 your last option is to use the report the buyer link




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Suggest you call Customer Support to let them know and offer to send them a photo/scan of the envelope showing weight/price etc.!