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A buyer has paid paypal and has collected the item now wants a full refund?

I sold a scond hand glass fronted cabinet,painted in Annie Sloan paint. The item is exactly how it was described on the listing. It was won and the buyer did not pay. After numerous emails I still had not received payment. Then out of the blue they sent payment. It was another 10days with no communication despite emails for them to collect. 4 days after collection I receive a rude email asking to return the item saying there is an issue with the quality of job(?). I called the buyer as I was suprised as nothing was said on collection and a few days had passed.There was no answer. I then received another rude email stating I should refund her £30 of the £82 that she paid as she could of painted it better herself. I emailed back as they would not answer the phone that as it was collected,any disputes over quality should of been voiced before taking home and I would not refund £30. They have now opened a case for a full refund,left me an abusive tx message and left negative fee

dback stating that I will not contact her(false), the item is not as described (false) and that the item is damaged! It stated on the listing I did not accept returns.My worry now is,if I refund her,as it was a collection item,she will not return the cabinet. This seems so unfair.

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they have to return using a recorded/tracked method to proove the return..dont be bullied/blackmailed into giving refunds/part the buyer for any abuse or upsetting comments..on the reply details in the case just put refund will be issued when returned in the same condition as/when sold..keep it brief,dont get into long drawn out issues..infuture on collected items put that cash on collection is couriers.

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You need to make it clear in the dispute console that the item was collected in person and inspected.


There is minimal Buyer Protection for items that are collected in person as it's deemed they have checked the item.


Either party can escalate after 8 days.  IF it's found in their favour, they will be required to return, via trackable mehtod before a refund is issued!!





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I noticed earlier this morning that you had in January left a false positive feedback for the buyer calling them a timewaster.


Seems they have now got their revenge by paying, collecting and leaving negative feedback and looking at your DSR's (Stars) they have also trashed them.


They have also had your feedback removed by ebay and you will have a violation on your selling account.


Your best option now is to reply to the case saying that you will refund on return of the item.


Do not refund before you receive it.