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Mobile phone headache, advice needed


Ill try keep this short as possible.


start of Feb 2017 I purchased a used Samsung phone from an online store, used it for a couple of weeks and just couldn't get used to it so I put it for sale on eBay end of Feb . It sold within a couple of days and buyer received it and was happy and left positive feedback.


towards end of march I get an eBay message from buyer saying phone has stopped working and has been blocked, I reply and say ok send phone back to me and I'll take it up with the place I purchased it from.


its been almost a month now and I've messaged him several times over the month asking if he's sent phone back to me and I keep getting messages like "I've lost the charger, I'll send it back asap" , I messaged him a couple of days ago to find out what is happening and I'm now told "I've cracked the screen on the phone but don't worry I've took it somewhere to get it repaired, I'll send it to you as soon as it's fixed"


I'm getting concerned on why it's taking so long to send back and now if the phone has been damaged and even if he's had it repaired i haven't ok'd it to being repaired as surely this now makes it all null and void as where I purchased it from is no longer going to refund me.



where do I stand here?

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Re: Mobile phone headache, advice needed

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" where do I stand here?"


Realising what a mistake it was to have kept chasing your buyer.


If you do get it back in an unsatisfactory state you can try to argue. Howver in the circumstances it may well be wotth while replying within the case that too long has gone and the changes/damage buyer has made, make a return and refund is no longer appropriate.

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Re: Mobile phone headache, advice needed

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I would stop messaging your Buyer. If they open a Case, you will have to Pay for the Return, if it is an Ebay Case rather than a Pay Pal one and fully Refund. Chasing your Supplier is totally down to you, and depending on whether your Buyer sends the Phone back in the same condition you sent it in. 

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Re: Mobile phone headache, advice needed

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You should stop messaging your buyer immediately. From what you have written it sounds like he probably won't bother to return it anyway, but you can never be sure, so just sit tight.


As previous responders have said if he returns it you will have to supply a pre paid label, and you would probably get back a phone in completely different condition to the one you sold. Your buyer could have robbed parts from it, even changed the phone to a different one. I hope  you kept the IMEI number,


I don't think you will have any success trying to get a refund from your supplier because the phone has been sent for repair  and possibly tampered with, so I would just hope your buyer goes quiet on you and goes away.