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Ebay removes my international visibility when editing listings (solution found)!!

I went to edit some of my listings, having checked I already had international visibility (US & Canada) active, when I edited it and was about to save I realised eBay had removed my international visibility for that product. It seems to be some sort of glitch. I realised that many of my listings had had this happen (I had not realised and just saved and continued). I am having to go back and edit each one. I couldn't figure out how to solve the problem when I was seeing the international visibility option disappear while I was editing the listing. 

Then I realised if I de-select and then re-select the GSP option it allows me to select the international visibility option again (it did not charge me again for the service but obviously I have lost out on possible sales for those days/weeks where I did not notice the problem).

I thought I would share the 'solution' in case anyone is having the same/similar issue.