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where is my order

i have ordered an item and it didnt get delivered and where is my order.

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when there is a problem the first thing you always do is ask the seller


 they can't put it right unless you tell them there is a problem and its good manners anyway



my ebay>> more actions >> contact seller >> select other

try and resolve with the seller give them chance to sort it

items are not deemed missing for 15 working days and you should not be looking for a refund before that time

if you cannot resolve you have 45 days from payment so go back the same route and select item not received

escalate after 8 complete days iff still not resolved

buyer returns at ther expense using online tracking before a refund

a good seller will fund return if at fault but not obliged to


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Hi, you have accidentally posted on the member-to-member answer board and we cannot help you.  Please contact your seller directly.


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