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Shutl giving crazy delivery expectations

I am getting crazy delivery date 'estimates'. The option to goback to the classic postage page vanished this afternoon. I have just printed the postage for this evenings sales, 6 items, the first item which sold at approx 4.30pm has an estimated delivery date of the 17th Sep, which is a Sunday. I didn't know royal mail were now doing Sunday deliveries.

The next 5 items which all sold between 6pm and 9.30pm have an estimated delivery date of 15th Sep. 

What is going on with these estimated times? All my items are listed to be posted in 1 working day 2nd class royal mail, which is 2-3 days delivery.  

My question is why are my items that sold after 5pm today the 13th Sep expected to arrive on the 15th Sep?

I have taken to messaging all my customers to say that their item has been posted and to please bear in mind the delivery date is only an estimate, but I'm still getiing a lot of late delivery defects. 

Does anyone else think this is a problem? I would prefer it if we had the option to use the classic mail page.


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