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How much discount is the norm for sellers to give when purchasers have bought several items?

How much percentage of postage and packing should I give for a buyer who has purchased several items?

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entirely up to you


 you cannot discount more than the postage


  basically it depends on your margin and the actual cost of postage


 buyers do not like to pay more than actual postage these days


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There is no "norm".


What you need to do is pack the buyer's items in a single parcel and get a price for posting it. Then deduct the difference compared to what it would have cost to post all the items separately.


Combining postage isn't always as easy as buyers think. Some items may be pre-packed for postage and it can actually cost more to repack them than the saving in postage! Also with some postal services the price can increase substantially above a particular weight; I've had cases where it's cheaper to dismantle items and send them in two parcels. Unfortunately some buyers always tend to assume that the seller is profiteering on the postage!

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Depends on what you are selling.


I offer a discount on items I sell if more than one item is purchased.


Unfortunately you cannot please everyone and some will mark you down on poatage costs on the ratings like I have been sometimes.


People don't seem to realise the postage costs these days and particularly on smaller items they think postage is expensive for them but we don't set the postage costs Royal Mail does and they are the greedy ones.


I always keep postage costs as low as I can but like every other seller you need to cover your postage costs and packing materials to send out items.


Unlike years ago when postage was cheap these days it's not and even sending a large birthday card isn't cheap!

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You weigh them altogether with the packaging and work out the correct cost. Add a small amount for packaging if you must.


Don't just give a nominal reduction or you will find that the buyer may mark your p&p star right down and this can have a seriously bad effect on your seller account.


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