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Can a seller change the postage price after I paid and confirmed purchase?

I purchased item on 20/09 paying additional postage to Malta amounting to £26.10 for delivery. Item should have been dispatched within 1 day. On 24/09, I was informed that I had to pay another additional fee of £44.00 for express courier service in order to deliver. I responded and even suggested a cheaper courier service but was told to purchase from a local store in Malta and have a refund. Is this allowed on ebay?

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No they cannot ask for more unless you requested an upgraded delivery service that was not offered in the listing.  Tell them that you have paid in full and are looking forward to receiving your goods.  If they refund you and refuse to sell, report for seller non-performance, leave appropriate feedback (refunded my instant payment & refused to sell) and decline any cancellation request within 7 days of issue - they get stuck with the fees.


Also, never be tempted to make a split payment as this invalidates your buyer protection.


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