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How do you hide your buying and selling activity on your feedback dashboard?

I want to hide the items I have sold and bought in my feedback dashboard and keep it private.How do I do that?

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You can make your feedback profile private (like mine is).


You can't sell with a private profile, but can easily flip it back to public.


You can change it via the Feedback Forum text link, to the left of this page.

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Ebay is supposed to be an open and honest environment. Feedback is an important part of that.


If you list your items as private then they won't appear on your feedback page.


This type of listing is intended for adult only and personal items. Private auctions hide illegal bidding practices and many buyers keep well away.


You cannot hide your purchases unless you open a new account and set your feedback to private.


This may result in sellers cancelling your bids. Private feedback hides everything, including the feedback left for others. That can worry sellers.


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