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the buyer turns out to be a liability


I am trying to sell a sofa-bed on the condition of "collect only" and PayPal as the payment method.

The highest bidder won the auction by £2 on the last minute.

A day before the auction ended he messaged me to sell it directly and by cash. I did not accept.

After the auction ended and I asked him to pay and how he would like to collect. His first message was to claim his son was doing the payment things and since his son was not available for the day he offered to pay by cash. I replied him telling that I was not well already and not in a rush anyway, so let us leave it for another day.

The next day I wrote another message to state that I am keen to get the payment through eBay/PayPal ahead of the collection.

His reply was that he could do only cash but nothing else.That means he was lying about his son in the first place. I then went through eBay help and indicated that the buyer did not pay so that is now outstanding in the "resolution centre".

He now dropped me another message saying "I would like to pay on cash collection please as stated in your ad". I have never stated anything like cash on collection and going back to my ad I see this statement.
"Collect in person You can contact your seller to arrange to pay for and collect your item."

Maybe he refers to that as "on cash collection" but that is definitely a false claim.

Now, I don't want to meet this guy who lied to me once and made a false claim on top. All this sounds very dodgy to me and I don't want to disclose my full address to him as well. This is not safe. He is unreliable and can eventually become threatening against me or to my family.

I therefore want to cancel this sell altogether but since it is in an escalated to resolution centre, I cannot cancel it.

What to do?


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