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sellers to be listed as UK ones and in reality they are based in China ...



Its becoming more and more normal sellers to be listed as UK ones and in reality they are based in China. The items arrive late, and sometimes dont arrive at all. I dont have any problem to buy stuff from China or any other countries but if I need an item urgent I tend to choose UK sellers becasuse the delivery is faster. I think ebay should be a bit more careful ... geting a bit fed up and to be honest makes me feel not wanting to shop on ebay ...


Sorry for the moan but its getting annoyig ...





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So many buyers complain about this that eBay ought to do something about it. But as eBay no longer even reads questions posted here it's unfortunately wasted breath.


Many sellers in China have a distribution base in the UK, which allows them to list items as UK stock. But it's clear that many still ship items from China anyway.


This is just one more reason not to buy from sellers in China. A lot of merchandise offered for direct sale from sellers in China turns out to be street market quality that no reputable UK retailer would stock. Follow this board in a couple of months and it will be full of complaints about cheap electronic Christmas presents that have already stopped working.You have no UK statutory consumer protection and there's a real danger that items won't comply with UK and EU safety requirements, even if they claim to.