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returned postage due to faulty /defect item


I opened a case in the resolution centre , requesting a return on a coat, as the coat has faulty defected shoulders, I clicked not as described, as I thought that was fair seeng as the defect was not stated in the actual listing, and therefore it is  sellers responsiblity to pay  the return postage seeing as she sold a faulty /defected item.


Anyway I was very polite explained briefly in the initail complaint , saying the shoulders were uneven and the coat was defected. The seller replied saying she didn't understand , what did I meant. I replied, pointing out , it is a faulty item. The seller kept saying if I do not like the coat it's not her fault. I kept replying saying I do like the coat, but unfortunatley it has defected shoulder designs. making the coat very uneven in the shoulder area and this defect is very noticable once the coat is on, making it unfit  to wear. It is  a noticable defect.


I was shocked at her denial, soon realising I had a battle on my hands..Anyway I was confident ebay would close the case in my favour, but eBay are saying it is not a faulty item. I AM SO CONFUSED AND ANGRY BY THIS DECISION,.. Although it is difficult to capture a defect like this , I still sent photos at the request of the seller, firstly she denied havng seen the photos saying I didn't send them , then I contacted ebay and they said she actually received them. but the photos APPAARENTLY in their view point are evidence that the coat is not faulty, they are saying the photos are the same coat , looking exactly like the sellers original photos and there is no defect. I am shocked by this , as the uneven shoulders are there for them to see, but they are refusing to see it ??  It is difficult to capture a defect like this, but I did my best. They are basing their decision on a few photos completing ignoring my plea, which states the coat is completely faulty and unwearable...


Ebay originally said they only based their decision on my first message to the seller, they admitted not reading the six other messages between myself and the seller., in which case they made their decision without knowing the full story. the seller contacted them before me the buyer ,takng away my chance for support, they made their decision before I had the opportunty to ask for them to spep in and help.. 


Ebay took away my right as a buyer  to ask for their support in this case.. I feel so let down and completely riped off by eBay..


The argumnet is Ebay have agreed a full refund if I return the coat and pay for the postage myself, but it is a faulty /defected item.. so why am I forced to pay for the return postage, when it clearly states on their website, the seller pays for return postage costs if the item is faulty /defected /damaged

Thank you

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