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"Return an Item"

Hi guys.I would like to return a dvd boxset that wasn't as described.The seller has already given me a refund.When i click on print label i get a message saying that the return is completed.Is this because the seller has refunded me too quickly or is it because the seller does not accept returns on their items.The seller hasn't replied to any of my messages asking for help with this.I don't really want to keep something that isn't appreciate any help with this...cheers

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It's because the seller issued the refund before the item was returned which can mean they don't want it back.   As they'd have to pay the return postage they may decide it's not worth it.


You can ask them to send you the money to cover the cost of postage direct from their Paypal payment by a certain date, after which you will dispose of the item as you see fit.   If you don't get the money by then you can keep the item or do what you like with it.

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