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highest bidder has not paid for item can I cancel transaction.

I recently sold a quite expensive item on e bay and the highest auction bidder has not paid and is not replying to my contact e mails.  I have checked the buyers history and they have done this twice to other sellers in the last six months.  Rather than going through the time consuming unpaid item procedure can I cancel the transaction without their agreement and if I do will my final sellers fee be refunded by e bay.  Many thanks.

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Sorry, but you have to open an unpaid item case. If you cancel without their agreement you will receive a defect on your account, and your final value fee won't be refunded.

A case can be opened any time between 2 and 32 days after the listing ends, and closed after four days if they haven't paid.

Your 10% final value fee (but no other fees) will be credited back to your account and you can safely relist the item, or make a second chance offer.

The buyer will receive an unpaid item strike from eBay. Neither party can leave feedback. Any already left can be removed.

For details, see:

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