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hello i didnt want pay any fees the buyers win auction and didnt wont pick up car becouse hi live in Cyprus i now cancell transaction.

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Cancelling was the wrong thing to needed to open an unpoaid case & then close after 4 days for a fee credit


It is worth mentioning that even if the final value fee is refunded you will still have to pay the listing fees as these are non refundable


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There is a problem because the buyer might decline the cancellation.  If someone does not pay then you shoud go through the unpaid item dispute to get your final value fees back:-


Start the dispute 2 full days after the listing ended, run the dispute for 4 full days timed to the second it opened (not calendar days) and only close the dispute when you see the option to say "no" to the question "did the buyer pay".


At that point you get any final value fees back and the buyer get a strike.


Add the buyer's id to your blocked bidder list immediately and also, when you come to relist the car, consider using instead the eBay classified ad format.  Very cheap, lasts for up to 28 days, no bidding and no final value fee.  You only take the ad down early if you have been paid the cash in hand.


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