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eBay fees
Hi I am just confused after I received a bill from EBay tonpay a fees of £11.52!
I am not sure where this fees come because I have it sell anything for the last month! I listed 2 items for sale but both have not been sold! Are not supposed not to get charge if your item is not getting sold!
Any help out there thanks you
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You've been listing with a reserve and 4% of the reserve you set is charged whether the item sells or not

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Only the insertion of the basic listing is free

when you add extras to your basic listings, such as buy it now, a reserve, a subtitle, or gallery plus you will incur fees which are payable even if the item doesn't sell.


These fees are shown on the listing form, before you click 'list with displayed fees'



go to:-

my ebay >>> account tab >>> seller account >>> invoices

to see a break down of the ebay fees you have been charged.