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eBay Return Postage Labels Tracking Number Incomplete

I've issued a return label for a customer via eBay return labels.


I'm expecting the pacel back today so I wanted to get detailed tracking info, but when I look in the cse, the tracking number is incomplete.


I'm worried if I cpntact CS the will open a case and things could go horribly wrong.


Really my question is: Have you noticed that eBay returns labels have incomplete tracking numbers? 

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No I have not noticed that!


I am not sure what you mean by "eBay may open a case if you contact them".   I hope that the buyer has opened a case to return and it is in hand.  If so eBay could not open another!


If you are trying some do-it-yourself method to refund then that is highly unwise.  You will be given a defect; all problems must be dealt with through resolution cases.