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customer has not received my package

BUT the Post Office says it has delivered it and sent me a copy of  the date and time delivered. Any ideas how one could or should not agree with that or should I just tell customer to go to the local depot that states it delivered it .Your help please 

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Unfortunately this is a common situation. The problem is that postmen or couriers often leave parcels with neighbours, or in a "safe place" outside the property. Anyone can sign for them - not all services even require a signature.

The buyer needs to have a good look around. If still missing you can pass on their complaint to Royal Mail or the courier, but if their tracking records state that it's been delivered that's likely to be the end of it.

It's bad luck on the buyer, but you have fulfilled your duty as the seller. If it was tracked as delivered eBay won't hold you liable for what happened to it afterwards. EBay's money back guarantee to buyers only covers non-delivery, not items which are lost or stolen after being delivered.

Buyers often try to blame the seller in this situation. If they open a case against you eBay will find in your favour. They will be blocked from leaving negative feedback; if they've already left it eBay will remove it if you phone customer support. Even if the buyer doesn't open a case you may be able to get any negative feedback removed by phoning eBay with your tracking number to prove delivery.

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