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hello,have one question,one buyer open case,that item came like not in picture,and it not work like it shud be. Picture he don't add,and am not see that were is proble. Am accept return and he lost,not write my back.Then write to my Ebay,am explain situation ,but they refund all money back to him.So am don't have money and item now.

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If a buyer opens a case for item not as described it gives you 8 days to refund within the case details,  if you do not,  the buyer escalates to eBay,   eBay charge you a seller fee,  force the refund to the buyer,  and you gain a damaging defect on your account.


The case also enforces you,  the seller,  to pay for a fully tracked return postage if you wanted your item back.


If you don't follow case rules precisely and carefully,  you will,  as you have found out, end up with   no item ,  and enforced to pay a full refund.