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Why am I being being threatened by ebay

Ebay has just threatened me because I've included a phone number when replying to a seller with whom I've agreed a price and need to communicate with to arrange collection and payment method.

I don't like being threatened when I am conducting an entirely honorable transaction.

Tom Swain

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EBay now prohibits users from providing contact details to prevent private deals being made to evade paying eBay's fees.


All messages between members are now scanned. Warnings are sent automatically. Contact details can only be exchanged when the listing has been sold through eBay.

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Quite simply as far as eBay are concerned there's no reason to exchange contact details before actually buying.

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You cannot exchange any contact details unless the buyer has committed to buy through eBay


There is no way to accept an would not have been honourable as you would have been defrauding eBay of their fees !!


We ALL receivbed a message from eBay in September warning us of the consequences of exchanging contact details


There ia a notice on the messaging page saying you cannot exchange any contact details




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