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Waiting for a buyer to pay

Advice requred. New to selling on ebay. So far no complaints. All buyers have been extremely. However, have one whom  I have contacted asking if they still wish to purchase as sale was over 5 Days ago. No response as of yet.Should I wait for a few more days or just cancel the order. Don't mind either way about outcome. Thank you


Christine Holdforth 

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You dont need to contact them as ebay send an invoice and reminders


If you have a non payer you open a non payment dispute at the bottom of the page under Resolution Centre

You can open one after 2 days and close after another 4 days

You get your final value fees back the non payer gets a strike and neither of you can leave feedback

If you dont do this then ebay do not know you did not get paid and you have to pay the fees

You have 32 days to open a dispute


Dont cancel an order for a non payer 

It lets them off the hook and you could be left with the fees and a defect


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