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Unpaid item which should have sold through global shipping Programme
I've had an item sold which didn't sell through the Global Shipping Programme which I'd opted for. Consequently when researched the buyer's cost to ship it the cost was expensive and although I've contacted the buyer several times I've had no payment or response. Can you advise what I should do?
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Simply open an unpaid item case, run it for 4x24 hours timed to the second the case opened.  Sometime on day 5 of the case you will see on the case screen the option to get a fee credit - close the case at that point.  Buyer gets a strike and you can relist the item.


Ignore everything the buyer might say - you only get 1 case per transaction and closed cases cannot be reopened.


Add their id to your blocked bidder list to prevent them returning.


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Ebay debit the final selling fee to your ebay account as soon as the listing ends with a winning buyer not when the buyer pays.

If the buyer doesn't pay you have to make ebay aware in order to get a refund of the fee.

You can open an unpaid case 2 days after sale ends (though some sellers leave it a bit longer) and then close it 4 days later if buyer still hasn't paid.

You get a refund of your final selling fee and non payer gets a strike on their account.

Neither of you can leave any feedback.

Then you can relist.

Add their ID to your blocked bidder list:
and set your Buyer Requirements to block bidders with 2+ strikes in last 12 months:

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