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Unpaid Return Postage

After a seller reneged on reimbursing me for sending me a locked phone that was sold as "Unlocked", eBay refunded me the cost price of the item but I am still out of pocket on the returned postage cost - £7.25

How do I go about repayment?

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If the item is not as described then you open a not as described dispute at the bottom of the page under Resolution Centre and escalate it after another 8 days

The seller needs to send a pre paid label for the return

If they dont then ebay should when you escalate the dispute

Make sure it goes back tracked and that the tracking is in the dispute

You have 30 days from the day of delivery to open a dispute in ebay


Read up on the Ebay money back guarantee

YOu should have had a pre paid label and if you sent it back yourself then you have no way of forcing the seller to refund the return postage


Why did you pay it?. Were they overseas?


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