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Unauthorised payment??
Hi I sold an item in February and never heard anything back until today when PayPal says there’s a problem and are with holding my money from the buyer because she says this was an un authorised payment from her account?? How can it be when she pressed buy it now ? This is being reviewed by PayPal just wondering how can PayPal do this and she hasn’t even gone through eBay
Grrrrrr I’m fuming it’s like she’s made use of the stuff now doesn’t want it and is getting her money back 😡😡
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That's a chargeback; it could be that somebody has use the buyer's card to make a payment, or that the buyer has not recognised the item on her card statement and reported it as unauthorised.


Sellers are protected from a chargeback. You just need to provide PayPal with your proof of posting slip for that package. They should be asking for this in the message you've received.


If you can't provide this you will lose your money and be charged a £14 admin fee.


The buyer hasn't gone through eBay because an unauthorised payment is nothing to do with eBay, they don't deal with the financial side of things.

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