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Trying to increase my selling limits but hitting a brick wall...

Hi all, I have recently switched my eBay account from private to business. I am hoping to increase my selling allowances, however each time I try to do this I am presented with the following message:


*start of message*


You should have received an email explaining the problem and what needs to happen before your account can be reinstated. If you can't find it, click My eBay at the top of the page. You'll find a copy of the email after clicking the Messages tab.

There are 2 reasons why an account may be suspended:
 Not paying your eBay fees: Account balances of $1 or more have to be paid in full each month. We'll automatically reinstate your account once your balance is paid. You can pay by credit or debit card, by check, or through your PayPal account. Violation of our rules and policies: For policy violations, you need to check the email we sent you. It explains what the problem was and what needs to happen before the account can be reinstated. Be sure to follow our rules and policies.

*end of message*


Firstly, my account isn't and hasn't been suspended. Secondly, I haven't received any messages or emails, and my account payments are all up to date. In fact, my account is otherwise fine and everything else is working as it should, I'm just unable to increase my selling allowances and would like to know why. If anyone can shed some light on this tat would be much appreciated!


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