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Terms of payment

Please can anyone help!


i bidded for an item and on my terms i only pay by paypal as i find it safer. after winning the bid the seller has changed the terms of payment by saying i cannot pay by paypal as they have problems with their paypal account but i should pay either via bank transfer , cheque or postal order. i have refused to pay via anyother form but paypal. i have even said im prepared to give the item up to the other bidders. the seller keeps contacting me to pay via another way and i am refusing.

there is also no return of item.


am i in my legal rights to refuse?



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If PayPal is offered on the listing, the seller must accept it, don't pay any other way as you'll lose any buyer protection.


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It is as you say unsafe for you too pay by another method than paypal to be covered by the ebay and paypal money back guarantee


That is unless the item is a collection item and if that is the case then cash is the way too pay after inspection the item

There is no money back guarantee for collection items


All sellers have to accept paypal

Paying by bank transfer is just like sending cash. You would have no protection from ebay or paypal


Is there no link on the invoice to pay by paypal 

If it is not a very expensive item then just pay and tell the seller you expect your item and if it does not arrive then open a not received dispute


Sounds suspicious 



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