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Sending an invoice to a buyer

Don't seem to be able to find where I can issua an invoice in ebay to a buyer for two items  where I have combined postage . The iterms were best offer and  i have acepted but now need to send a joint invoice.

Help please !


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You're enrolled in the global shipping programme so if your buyer is overseas then you won't be able to combine the postage cost I'm afraid, GSP doesn't give you that option. The buyer has to pay for the items individually and you have to package them up individually and post to the GSP hub.

If your buyer is in the UK in the Sold section of My Ebay to the right of the items you should see 'send payment details'.

When you click on that it will take you to an invoice which will list all the items the buyer has purchased.

Change the postage cost in the relevant field, do not click reset, just click on send and the buyer can pay once they receive the invoice.

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Go to Send payment details to the right of one of the items and all that that buyer bought come up together

Adjust the postage and don’t reset just make sure the invoice is correct then Send




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