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I have just sold a item that cost me £200.00 and offered the buy now price of £25.00. I tried to put a reserve price on for the buy amount but would not let me. Item sold for £4.50, pretty disgusted really. Can you put a reserve on an item or is this only for a business account

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You should simply have set the start price at the £25 or minimum you wanted to accept as it cannot sell for less than the start price


Reserves are a pointless & costly waste of time & the minimum is £50


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reserves cannot be less than £50,



and adding a buy it now to an auction style listing is an offer to the first bidder to buy at that price,


if they chose not to they place a bid and the buy it now is removed and the auction begins,



so don't waste your money adding a buy it now


just set your start price at the minimum you are willing to sell for,