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I want to sell my car on ebay but now you cannot communicate with potential purchasers until after a sale is it the case that all cars must be sold 'blind', ie it is impossible for a person to look at a car before theY buy it?

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• Due to the entirely different pricing structure for vehicle sales these are not included in your monthly fee listing allowance OR free listing promotional offers

• The fees for selling a vehicle can be quite high & are charged in most cases even if the vehicle does not sell as they are made up of two parts

• The first are listing fees

• The minimum basic listing fee is £10
• There is also a fee of £2.99 if you add a Buy Now price
• There is a fee of £7.99 is you add a reserve

• The second are final value or sales commision fees if the vehicle sells

• These fees are 1% of the sale price (minimum fee £20 max £35)

• It is important to note that you may not include any contact details in your listings nor can you supply these at any time until after a listing has ended with a buyer........there is no option on eBay to view before committing to buy........

• It is also worth noting that in the event of a non paying bidder or cancellation that the listing fees above are still charged, you can only reclaim the final value fee

• The exceptions to these charges & the cheapest & safest way to sell a vehicle is as a classified ad

• The fee for this £14.99


• The listing runs for 28 days
• You only end the listing after payment so no non paying bidder issues
• You can include contact details
• You can choose to accept less than the advertised price (ie you can accept offers)


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If you use a classified ad it's a one off listing fee of £14.99, no final selling fee, ad is up for 28 days and you take it down when you have an actual cash in hand buyer and you can include contact details.

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