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Royal mail has not returned item to seller so i cant be refunded

Hi, I need advice, I bought a Brand new Juicer on 16 October it arrived on 18th in it box but broken to bits as it was not packed right. i started a returns procedure and sent pictures. the seller responded and sent a retun label which i received on the 20th of october and that day i took it to the post office and sent it back to seller after obtaining proof of postage and a tracking number. i was told i would be refunded within 6 days of them receiving item back. today is 16 november, nearly 4 weeks later and they say they have still not received it as royal mail tracking shows item is still is still in 'progress'. i need my money back , what can I do?

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Sounds like tracking has not been updated on the RM site


Contact them & ask them to check.......if they have lost it then you will need to claim from them for the value of the item


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