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I returned a cabin filter for a MK6 Fiesta, as the item was not as described by the seller so didn’t fit my car, on 9/5/18 using the returns label provided. The seller won’t confirm if they have received the item and just asks for the tracking number. 

I entered the barcode from my postage receipt onto the system, but it says the number is invalid because it’s already entered on the system. 

How do I resolve this issue - get a refund?


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When you use an eBay generated return label, the tracking info is automatically added to the case as soon as the label is scanned at the PO, you don't have to add it manually.  The seller has six days from return to refund, eBay will message you and provide a contact link if the refund doesn't happen.  As long as tracking shows at least attempted delivery, you're good.


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