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Hi, I have returned an item that I bought to the seller. I sent it back last week, the seller accepted my return and I was communicating with him untill I tried to message the seller again about how long will it take for my refund to be issued and its as though the seller has blocked me and my messages no longer send. The listing is still in my purchases but when I click on the item it say the listing is no longer here as tho he has deleted the item. How do I contact the seller or how do I get eBay to help me get my refund.
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The seller cannot do this,  but eBay can if the seller  has breached any of their selling policies.


Open a case with Paypal.  Log into your PP account and on the left select resolve a Problem.  open a case for item not as described,  and enter that eBay have removed the item from their site,  enter the tracking number and escalate after 2 days,   and before 20 for your refund.


Paypal will take up to 30 days to investigate the case.