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Purchased by mistake
My daughter pressed buy option on my phone while i was out of the room o dont need or want this item and i couldent cancel within the 1 hour period,i did try numerous times. I have contacted the seller but as of yet have had no reply on ebay app or by email. What can and should i do please.
Many thanks.
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If the seller is a registered UK business, you can ask that they send you a cancellation request.

If they're a private seller, or an international one, they are not obliged to cancel, and would be advised to open an unpaid item dispute to get their eBay final value fees credited back.

You'll get an unpaid item strike against your account, which will stick to it for a year.

Sellers can set their Buyer Requirements to block bidders with 2 or more strikes. As long as you don't get another you'll be able to continue buying.

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