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Postage overcharge.

Just received an order I paid £10 p&p for first class mail. I was happy to do so. However, item has been posted second class mail at £2.90. This was packaged in bubble wrap and brown paper and surely £7.10 is excessive?

Is this allowed? What else can they charge for? Many thanks.
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in reply to purplerose26

It does seem excessive but there is nothing you can do as when you buy you agree to the postage and packaging price


You could contact the seller and ask them about it but the seller does not have to refund any of it

They should have posted by the method on the listing but you did receive your item and if it was as described 

They may have made a mistake when they posted the item


If the item was a good price when you took both item and postage into consideration then it should not matter




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